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Looking for an Omnichannel, AI-driven or Self Service solution for customer service? We've got you covered!


   With Freshdesk, you can...

  • Streamline all your customer conversations in one place

  • Automate your repetitive work and save time

  • Collaborate with other teams and resolve issues faster and much more...

   Keep track of conversations

   Priortize, catergorize and assign tickets so you never lose track of them...

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Team Inbox

Track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one inbox.

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SLA Management

Set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on different business hours or categories.

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Agent Collision Detection

Ensure that multiple agents don’t wind up working on the same ticket by accident.

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Custom Ticket Status

Create custom statuses that suit your workflow to identify what stage a ticket is in.

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Scenario Automation

Perform multiple actions on a ticket with a single click by automating repeated actions.

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Canned Responses

Provide quick, consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies.

   Resolve issues together

   Work together as teams to quickly and efficiently solve customer problems.

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Team Huddle

Discuss specific parts of tickets with experts from across your company to figure out the best solutions.

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Shared Ownership

Share ownership of tickets with other teams without losing visibility into progress being made on the issue.

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Linked Tickets

Link related tickets together to keep track of widespread issues and deliver consistent responses.

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Parent-child Ticketing

Resolve complex, multi-stage issues faster by splitting them into smaller child tickets.

   Support across channels

  Unify and manage all support-related communications from multiple channels on a single platform.

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Convert support emails into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve.

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Engage, support, and retain customers through live chat.

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Let customers raise tickets from your website and display related knowledge base articles as they type.

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Set up a fully functional call center and record and track calls by converting them into tickets.

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Social media

Integrate your company’s Facebook page and Twitter handles and manage them from within the helpdesk.

   Increase your team's productivity

  Leverage Freshdesk's built-in capabilities to automate repetitive helpdesk tasks.

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Ticket dispatch

Automatically assign tickets to agents and groups based on keywords, requester or properties.

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Intelligent ticket assignment

Assign tickets to agents based on their current workload, skill or using the round robin method.

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Time-triggered automation

Execute maintenance activities on tickets based on the time lapsed since an event happened

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Event-triggered automation

Implement one or more actions on specific tickets as soon as an event happens.

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Automatic email notification

Notify customers and agents automatically about the changes happening in their ticket.

Help customers help themselves

  Create a self service experience for customers with a knowledge base and forums.

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Automatically suggest solutions

Allow relevant solutions to pop up for customers and save time for your agents and customers.

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Email to Kbase

Let agents convert their ticket replies into knowledge base articles, as they reply.

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Feedback mechanism

Writers will be notified automatically about feedback on their articles so they can implement them.

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Solution article analytics

Monitor article metrics like number of views, likes and dislikes. Reset metrics when the article is revamped.

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Forum moderation

Setup moderation workflows to ensure posts violating your guidelines don't go live immediately.

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Link forum topic to ticket

Convert critical issues raised in the community into tickets so they get the required attention.

Measure and improve efficiency

  Identify problems, plan based on metrics and improve helpdesk performance.

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Helpdesk reports

Understand how different agents and groups are performing based on various helpdesk metrics.

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Customer satisfaction ratings

Gauge how customers feel about your support using customer satisfaction reports.

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Monitor your helpdesk using real-time data about tickets, trends and groups

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Answers and Insights

Easily access data and reports and get custom insights important to your business everyday.

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Schedule reports

Schedule default and custom reports so that you can receive them in your inbox periodically.

Complete customization capabilities

  Customize your workflows, customer portal, agent roles and more to make the helpdesk truly yours.

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Portal customization

Customize the look and layout of your support portal with full CSS customization and ready-made themes.

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Customize agent roles

Give differential permissions for access and actions according to the roles and responsibilities of agents.

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Custom ticket forms

Collect information relevant and important to your business by adding and modifying fields in the ticket form.

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Custom URL

Use your own vanity URL for your support portal and provide a seamless customer experience.

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Custom Apps

Build and integrate custom apps to carry out workflows that are unique to your business.

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Customer Segments

Provide personalised support for different customers by classifying them based on their support needs.

State-of-the-art data security

Freshdesk ensures enterprise-grade security with features and comprehensive audits of networks, systems and regulatory compliances to protect our product and platform.

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Custom SSL certificates

Freshdesk accounts come with custom SSL certificates that let you secure your own support domain or vanity URL for a safe and personalized experience.

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IP and Network restrictions

Whitelist IP ranges, restrict login access outside of work or create secure and exclusive access for agents to login from anywhere by linking IP whitelisting to a VPN (virtual private network).

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Identity & access management

Let agents and users login to Freshdesk using their other accounts by setting up a single sign on (SSO) script to authenticate their credentials.


Integrate Freshdesk with Whatsapp

Let customers instantly engage with your company through a WhatsApp business number.

Build a chatbot to engage with customers, deflect common queries and handover to human agents when required.


Your agents can read, respond, and resolve customer issues over WhatsApp just like any other communication channel that you support — all from within Freshdesk.

Use Freshdesk’s automation rules to help your team manage WhatsApp messages with ease.


For example, you can automatically route WhatsApp messages to specific agents or set the priority level for new WhatsApp tickets to ensure conversations stay fresh and timely.